Value Engineering

Value engineering is a methodology for assessing an engineered design construction documents and identifying alternate structural systems, Materials of construction and construction methods that can be introduced into that project for the purpose of achieving cost and time reduction while maintaining or improving project quality.

A value engineering study will provide an evaluation of the structural design of the project in order to develop optimum systems that maximize the efficiency of the design geometry, constructability, and materials of construction.

The Value Engineering study will identify and recommend opportunities to achieve efficiencies in design systems, construction methodologies, materials of construction and constructability in order to reduce construction cost and schedules while improving the quality of the project.

The value engineering report will provide a graphic and narrative overview of the results of the study. Recommendations shall be made for alternate structural systems, efficient geometries, appropriate materials of construction, “contractor friendly” details, and connections and other recommendations to promote quality, cost reduction, and ease of construction.

The alternate designs, materials, and methodologies will be detailed in the report and will include a detailed quantity and cost estimate of the savings that can be achieved by the recommended systems. The report will be presented to the owner’s representative for approval prior to being transmitted to the structural engineer for implementation.