Mr. O’Kon has earned an international reputation for his leadership in innovative design and forensic investigation of a variety of structures and foundation systems. These projects include the design of international airports and terminals, large-scale commercial and institutional projects, high-rise structures in problematic geological conditions. He is an expert in the design of concrete, steel and timber structures and the construction issues attendant to each type of construction. He has published numerous articles in academic journals, and delivered scientific papers at international symposia on computer-design techniques for the design of large-scale projects constructed of concrete, steel and timber located in diverse environmental conditions.

Mr. O’Kon acquired a diverse background in the design and engineering of projects while leading his multi-disciplined engineering/architectural firm to receive numerous national awards for design excellence from the most prestigious associations in engineering. Mr. O’Kon has developed inventive techniques for designing new structures, developing creative solutions for remediation of failures, for investigating distressed structures using computer technology, as well as advanced methodologies for the avoidance of errors due to over-dependency on computer usage. His pioneering designs of "state-of-the-art" projects are sited in locations subject to severe environmental and geologic conditions, including hurricane force winds, high-risk seismic zones and unstable geotechnical conditions. His projects range from his role as the Executive Engineer on a World’s Fair to 50-story buildings and the structural design of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.

The scope and depth of Mr. O'Kon's background has led to his role as peer review engineer on numerous multi-billion dollar projects located in seismic zones, hurricane zones, and areas of unstable geological conditions. His work on these projects begins with review of the initial concept design and extends through total design, quality control, and construction management.

Mr. O’Kon’s extensive background in investigation of failed structures, problem solving, and creative engineering solutions led to his election as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Technical Council for Forensic Engineering of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He authored the text for Guidelines for Failure Investigation, published by the ASCE. The volume relates to forensic investigation, report preparation and preparation as an expert witness in cases of non-performing construction systems. The text is based on over thirty years of experience as a forensic expert on non-performing building systems for residential, industrial, institutional, high-rise, and buildings that are termed “special structures" in the design and construction industry.

Mr. O’Kon has extended his background in forensic investigation to the research and preservation of historic structures of ancient civilizations as applied to archaeological structures. He has gained international recognition for the discovery of the long-span suspension bridge, constructed in the seventh century by Maya engineers, at the city of Yaxchilan in Central America. His discovery has been published in numerous international publications including National Geographic Magazine and Civil Engineering Magazine. He was honored as a Fellow National in the International Explorers Club for his distinctive archaeo-engineering discoveries. His discovery of the bridge is the subject of a HISTORY CHANNEL documentary relating to the genius of Maya engineering structures. His latest book, Lost Secrets of Maya Technology will be released in April of 2012.

In conclusion, Mr. O’Kon’s leadership in the forensic investigation of numerous distressed concrete steel, and timber structures, and creative, economical solutions for repairs, offers his clients a professional with unique investigative talents, concise report preparation, and invaluable support in the preparation of documents for litigation, and extensive experience as an expert witness.